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Keep Mercury Out of the Environment

Many types of light bulbs contain mercury and when they are sent to a landfill they will release this toxic substance into the air and water. By recycling your light bulbs you are not only preventing mercury from entering the environment, but allowing for the glass, metals and other materials to be reused.


Nu Genesis offers you light bulb recycling services so you can help to keep the planet green for future generations.

Making recycling easy for you

Along with light bulbs, Nu Genesis can provide you recycling services for electronics and commercial or residential appliances. To schedule an appliance pickup, call us  today at: 317-834-8200.

Certifications you can trust

  • Florescent lamps

  • Light bulbs

  • Florescent bulbs under 4 ft.

  • Compact florescent bulbs

Complete light bulb recycling

Rest easy knowing that Nu Genesis is RCRA, HAZWOPER, DOT, and EPA trained and certified. Out team does extensive continuing education training to stay up-to-date on the latest industry guidelines and laws.

For more information on our recycling services, call:

  • Mercury vapor bulbs

  • PCB and non-PCB bulbs

  • Ballast bulbs

  • Neon light bulb

Making recycling easy for you Complete light bulb recycling Certifications you can trust Florescent lamps CTA